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    BARB T

      Hi, am curious if anybody has used Monarch to convert 835 Ansi files into a format to analyze the data?

          Jeff S



          I don't think the number of files (835) is too important.  More so, just what the files look like.  Why don't you post an example of what your files look like & maybe someone can say if they see anything unusual.  Thanks.


          Jeff S

            BARB T

            ANSI 835 is the programming language that all healthcare transactions are programmed in with the implimentation of HIPAA. I can't post a file as it they contain confidential patient info....perhaps I could take a small section with the confidential data substituted....My luck I'd miss something and go to jail!

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              Bruce _



              I have never used 835 , so I can't help.


              Use a search for 835 on this site. Another Monarch user developed 837 & was looking for 835, perhaps he found a way to parse it.


              Good luck

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                Jim Burke

                You can create 1 ANSI model, that extracts the full line of text. You then can do a LSplit(field1 ,16,'*',1) formula. You would create about 16 fields, and just change the last number to 2, and so on.





                You can then create filters to search for your NM1's


                example PATIENT ="NM1*" .AND. Element01 = "pr"



                I can send you the ANSI model I created , you might have to tweak it a little bit, because I use it for many ANSI transactions.



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                  Mike Urbonas

                  Do I understand correctly from Jim's post that the file in question is, essentially, a delimited file in which the data is separated by an asterisk (*)?


                  If that is the case, Monarch Pro can read such a file directly as a data source and no model template creation is required.  Select "File - Open database..." to start your Monarch Pro session, follow the database wizard, and specify an asterisk as your delimiter character (click on "Other" radio button and enter a *).


                  Does this help, or is the file structure in fact more complex?

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                    Jim Burke

                    All of the ANSI healthcare files are delimited files. You have to be sure to unwrap the files,before you extract the information. Most of the ANSI files are delimited by the *, and end segments with the ~.


                    I was suggesting breaking each element out by the * and placing data values in different fields.


                    You can then create filters to narrow down what you are exactly looking for.


                    The problem being with ANSI healthcare files, are that some segments are mandatory and some segments are optional. So it is hard to narrow it down to one detail line.


                    I have many years experience with the ANSI EDI transaction, and mainly the 835.


                    I would assume you might be translating the 835 into a flat file, which makes it easier to review the data. I have created a Monarch model that rips the data out of the flat file,and then create formulas that can then do balance checks on $$ amounts, since the 835 must balance at all levels of the transactions.


                    I would be happy to provider more information offline if you would like to contact me.



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                      vhc_mequon _

                      We are developing a solution where we need to pull selected sections of a segment. Parsing the file was done before Monarch with a VB application. Does anyone have a model file they ise to calculate or decipher data for 835's or 837's?