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    Call to Monarch V8 Pro Users: Use of the PDF to Text Conversion Feature

    Mike Urbonas

      Hello to all V8 Pro users,


      If you are using the V8 Pro PDF conversion capability, please contact me ASAP via Private Message.  Click on the Send New Private Message icon above, or just click  [url="http://mails.datawatch.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=private_message;u=00000004"]here[/url].


      The purpose of this inquiry is twofold: first, we would like to get your feedback on enhancements to V8 Pro's PDF conversion feature.  Second, we are interested in finding customer testimonials on the benefits of using Monarch V8 Pro to mine data from PDF files.


      Please PM me today -- I look forward to hearing from you!!


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        • Call to Monarch V8 Pro Users: Use of the PDF to Text Conversion Feature
          mliggins _


          I am using 8.02, almost exclusively w/ pdf import, and getting mixed happiness out of it.


          Either the cxrap accounting system we use is the issue, or, it's the conversion. I'm betting on the accounting system, but need to ascertain if there is an issue w/ the import.


          2 issues:

          1. Bought monarch online, have no user manual, can't find a downloadable one.

          2. If I run long reports, typical general ledger w/ columnarized values, the columns slide further and further to the right until at the bottom, I am missing about 1/10 of the data. To combat I have been playing with floating traps (thus the need for a manual) with mixed results. I have also tried every possible combo of ansii/ascii/utf with ignoring control codes etc etc etc.


          To summarize, I love monarch, have used it for about 10 years but am experiencing nothing but grief so far w/ this. Again, I'm not sure about which is the source of the grtief. Any help you can provide would be useful.