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    Database will not come in

    Sharon _

      I am using a dbf file.  Other dbf's have come in fine but this one shows nothing.  When I open the file it looks like the others but it will not come in.  (It shouldn't matter that it was created from a query-db looks good) Nothing there?  What could be wrong?  Thanks.

        • Database will not come in
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Sharon and welcome to the forum.


          Are you using a database file that is the result of a query or are you using the query directly to populate a Monarch table?


          Are you applying an existing model? (Sounds like you might be.)


          Does that model have any filters in it that might be active when reading the database into Monarch?


          Do you see any error messages?


          Those are the first questions I can think of, there may be more based on your answers.




          • Database will not come in
            Sharon _

            Grant - thank you for the clues.  I was exporting a query from Foxpro into a database.  Since it didn't work, I exported the query into an excel spreadsheet and all has been well.  Everything works.  Thanks for reponding.