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    Export to Microsoft Access

    Eric @ SEASH - EVV

      I am using Monarch V7 Pro. I have several routines I use autoscript for to speed up processing of data. I have not yet found a way to specifiy a table name in Microsoft Access for the data to export to....is this possible, or am I stuck with the default of "Untitled" ?

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          Bruce _



          I made a project export in Monarch, assigned a table name using the export wizrd. Then I used the batch file to run this export.


          There is probably another method (did you look at the programmers guide?), but this method works with me for Access and Excell exports.


          Good luck

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            RalphB _

            Eric, are you using the "ExportTable(Summary)" command or the JetExportTable(Summary)" command. 

            The ExportTable or ExportSummary command only lets you specify teh File name only.  If you use the JetExport command you can specify the table name you want.  From the programmers guide: "JetExportTable(stringExportFile,string(TableName,IntegerAppendFlag)".  Same for the JetExportSummary.  I use them both in many scripts with success.



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              frenchman70 _


              I do this everyday via batch files.  I've placed .dbf tables in specific directories and then linked the tables in Access.  Linked is the key ... that way, the database always updates when the tables are updated.

              Just a thought.