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    Model problems across page breaks

    rebecca _

      I am not quite sure what to do here.  I have a model that should be pretty simple, but its looking less so.  I have a report that lists the name/code in line 1 (679 Booker, Dora), when the page splits the name rolls over to the next page, but without the code attached (Booker, Dora).  There is also an unknown name with no code attached. (Unknown:  1 trans.)  This is one level up from the detail and I am using it with an append 1.  My problem is this.  If I trap the name/code with a Number... I miss the Unknown which has detail that needs to attach.  If I trap with a non-blank... the detail for the next page splits that I referred to above gets attached to the one without the code in it.  I'm not sure how to work around this.  Any ideas?

        • Model problems across page breaks
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Rebecca,


          Is there anything else you can use on the preferred trap line - i.e. the one with the number AND name OR the one with Unknown - that does NOT appear on the 'repeated name line'?


          It might be almost anything. I remember once in a similar sort of situation discovering that the very last character on a row I wanted to trap on but which seemed identical top many other rows in the detail record, had a dash (or something) which made it unique. Problem solved, but not until I had scrolled across the full width of the report for which the last 1/3 of the line was completely empty except for the dash.


          Failing that another option might be to run the analysis separately, once for the regular records trapping with the number and the other run for the 'unknown' records then combine the two as required after exporting.


          One question. Where the Name is repeated at the page break - is there any other data that you need to extract on the same line? If not could you include the repeat in a page header and just skip that line? Would that be feasible if an 'unknown' record also appeared either side of a page break? (Is that possible?)



          • Model problems across page breaks
            rebecca _

            Well there is no differing characters to trap on...


            The header idea might work... of course I could use the 2 step process, but prefer not to because I'm not using this model... someone else is and it is all they can do to run the one step process 

            • Model problems across page breaks
              Bob Yarnall

              If you can get the two-step process working, then you could write a Windows VB script to run the job for the other user.  That way it is all automated for them and all they have to do is run the one program.  I find that automating everything I can for a user is usually appreciated and less training time for me.

              Just a thought.