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    Summary Not Updating - Monarch v9

    Lauren L

      We have recently upgraded to Version 9 and are having a problem with some of our summaries.  This happens when using an old .mod model and when using the .xmod models.


      Here's the scenario:


      We Monarch a report and switch to table view.  There are 100 rows of accounts.  You can switch to Summary view and see the totals.  We go in and change our criteria to exclude one type of account.  Go back to table view and can see that the list decreased to 75 rows of accounts by eliminating the type we didn't want.  We then go to the Summary screen and it is not updated.  It still contains the balances from selecting the first 100 rows and does not change to reflect the new selection of accounts.  If we save the model and get back out, then go in again it will update the Summary.  In the old version (8) each time you clicked on Summary it would update itself.

        • Summary Not Updating - Monarch v9
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Lauren and welcome to the forum.


          I assume you are using a filter to reduce the number of rows displayed in the table.


          If so is your troublesome summary set to use the default filter (which would be the filter currently applied to the table) or does it have its own filter or No filter? (I would assume the Default filter).


          When you save the model and then re-open everything I assume you are saving with the filter applied and it therefore becomes the default filter when you re-open the report and model.


          Is that correct? I thought it best to check before experimenting in case I was looking for the wrong things.    smile.gif[/img]