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    Excel 2003/2007 - cell content not wrapping

    AlexM _

      I've been playing with the Excel export options of v9 Pro (to both .xls and .xlsx) and one thing I've noticed is I can't get the cells to wrap my text as it appears on screen. Instead, the text just get truncated.


      I realise that Excel has its own quirks but Monarch DOES manage this with the header cell!


      It would be great if this could be carried throughout or if there was some control.

        • Excel 2003/2007 - cell content not wrapping
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Alex,


          Are these Character fields or Memo fields you are working with?


          Memo fields have some limitations as far as Excel is concerned. Maximum Excel cell sizes and so on. There is some advice about this in the Help file. "Spreadsheet File Export Rules (Table window)"


          If you are seeing this in a Character field there may be something else going on.


          Perhaps there are other factors in play?



          • Excel 2003/2007 - cell content not wrapping
            AlexM _

            These are Character fields and are exported via a Summary.


            Memo fields are obviously not applicable here although, out of curiosity, I'll test export in Table view mode after changing the Field Type and see what happens in Excel.