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    Couple of questions from a newbie!

    Sue _

      We just upgraded from stand alone Monarch v 4.0X to the network version of Monarch v 8 (finally!!) and I'm running into some minor but annoying issues that I'd like to work out.  We are running on OS Windows 2000.


      1.  With my previous version, I was able to set up .txt and .prn files to open with Monarch.  I've been able to do the same with .prn's in v8 (using folder options in control panel) but for some reason I can't get it done with .txt's.  I CAN open .txt's with v8 with the "open with" option, but even when I check the "always use this program..." box, it doesn't "stick".  This is a real pain.  Any ideas?


      2.  When I open a report from within v8, it will only display the folder using the "details" view.  I need it to display the folder using "list" (so I can see the full name of the folders).  All of my folders are set to view as lists, but for some reason I can't get v8 to change.  Again, it's a minor but annoying issue.  Any ideas how I can get it to display by list?


      I'm sure we'll have other issues as people start using the upgrade, so I'm sure I'll be back!!