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    Dubrey _

      Does Monarch Version 8 have the ability to export to the web?  Version 9?

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          Grant Perkins



          Export to a Web Page file is possible for both.


          When defining the export and naming the file change the 'Save as type' for the file to Web Page.


          Does that give you what you need?




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            Dubrey _

            Absolutely helpful thanks!! 


            I'm exploring the possibility of having many of my exports go through data pump to a secure website so the Agents (We are an Insurance Company)and Executives alike can just look at the information they want.


            Currently we use Monarch and DataPump to distribute the reports via Lotus Notes and have over 500 automatic distributions per month but it takes up a lot of space to go through notes...


            Monarch and DataPump have been a savior!