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    Silent Install of Monarch Pro 5 & 7

    ZM _


      My first post.  Please bear with the length of my post if too long.  I am working on a silent installation for corporate deployment by using the ISS file silent installation method provided by the Installshield wrapper in which the app is packaged.  I am trying to do a silent install of Monarch Pro v5 then install a silent install of Monarch Pro v7 upgrade.  When I create a silent install .ISS file & run the silent install via setup.exe /s switch it is unsuccessful as I get errors as the License Administrator dialog box pops up.  I entered users in the box during the creation of the .iss file but it doesn't get recorded in the setup.iss file and so it fails because the license administrator pops up (though we don't see it due to silent install) and I get a -5 or -12 error due to this and its settings not being included in the setup.iss file.  How do you create a Silent Install via the installshield setup.iss standard silent install method or any other method?