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    sample data error when opening database

    Lanette _

      I've seen a number of post on this topic, but none have helped.  I am trying to open a tab delimited text file as datasource in Monarch Pro 7.01.  The first column contains a 5 digit code, which can be either numeric or alphanumeric.


      If I open a sample file with both types of codes, I get the "An error was encountered while reading the sample data.  The value at row 1, column 1 could not be read. This and subsequent bad values will be treated as nulls".  It then puts "null" in the fields for the codes that are alpha and sets the datatype of the first column to numeric, which I am unable to change because it is greyed out from this point forward.


      I know the tool does an analysis of the first 250+ rows to determine what the appropriate data type should be, but all of my test files have 10 or less rows, so it doesn't appear to be doing that.  If I try a sample file with just numeric codes, nothing gets stripped, but the data type stays numeric and I cannot then export the data to my Oracle table because the field it goes into is varchar and the datatypes don't match.  The only time I can get my model to work is if the sample file only has alpha codes.


      Here is an extract from a sample file:



      AC     Straight-line 2.05% -TEST          Y     

      tttt     No depreciation and no interest     castae     Y     <Sample Data>

      45     SL 2.05% -TEST     castae     Y     

      2525     Straight-line 2.05% -TEST     castae     Y     

      111     2.05% -TEST1     castae     Y     

      DM     Straight-line 4% -TEST2     castae     Y     

      0     No depreciation and no interest     castae     Y     <Sample Data>

      ZFIN     Standard depr     castae     Y     /b


      Any ideas on how I can get around this?