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    detail lines in a append-type template

    max _

      Is there a way to number sequentially the detail lines of an append-type template, when such numbering is not part of the report. Or somehow mark the order in which the detail lines appear in the report. example:



      /size[list][]Orange[/size][]Apple[/size][*]Lemon[/size][/list] Can



      Jar 1 Orange

      Jar 2 Apple

      Jar 3 Lemon

      Can 1 Lemon

      Can 2 Orange


      In the output, I need to maintain some sort of record/mark of the original order of each detail line in the report (the output will be subsequently sorted in many different ways)

      Thanx a lot.


        • detail lines in a append-type template
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          Off the top of my head, you can try using the the Line() as a calculated field. This returns the line of the report relative to the top of the page, thus, any records on following pages will be renumbered. If you combine the Page() function with the Line() function you can get a rudimentary sorting order that maintains the order from the report.  Try this function of character type to see how the two work in conjuction:


          "Page: "LTrim(Str(Page(),7,0))" Line: "+LTrim(Str(Line(),3,0))

          • detail lines in a append-type template
            Steve_P _

            There is also the function: Recno

            If you look up "Recno" in the help file, it gives you a pretty good explanation - and it sounds a little simpler, too!