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    Disaster Recovery


      I am in the process of creating a Disaster Recovery process for the server that has Monarch Data Pump installed.  Is there an easy way to copy all data pump related files to a backup server? (scheduler, logs, etc).  My goal is to setup a script that will copy all Monarch data from server1 Production, to server2 backup,  maybe like every hour.  If server1 goes down, I then get start up the service on server2 and proceed as normal.

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          Dee Moore



          This should have been under the Data Pump Forum, but that's ok...


          No, there is no easy way to do this.


          Only if everything, and I mean everything, is the same on the other Server, do you have a chance. And still...you would need to consult the License Agreement to see if this is allowed. Technically, you would have DP on two machines.


          You are working with not only the file locations (and permissions), you are also working with the Registry (and permissions), the Service User and its permissions, other Users permissions, as well as connections to Workstations that may be using the Remote Administrator. Did I mention permissions enough?


          Whether you are using the MSDE or have SQL Server installed, the processing instructions (as well as many other settings) will be maintained in the DWCHServer Database.


          Working across the Network, all paths should be in UNC and if there are any alterations from one Server to the other, every Process and Registry item will need to be edited.


          Then you need to consider the Common/Shared files and Components necessary to run the Application as well as the Processes.


          And all of it runs in the MMC.


          I hope the above is helpful.



          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support