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    Changing Default Report (monarch.ico?)

    Marc Osborne

      Hello. I've been putting up with a little problem for a while now but it's finally bugged me enough to  try to find out how to resolve it. When I fire up Monarch V8 it opens up the following report: C:Program FilesMonarchProgramMonarch.ico! So I "close all" and then "open report" and the program dutifully goes to my default report directory on one of our servers. How can I change that default behavior to just opening up the directory and letting me pick the report to open? I just can't find where to change this.




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        • Changing Default Report (monarch.ico?)
          Grant Perkins



          Monarch.ico is the icon graphic file that would typically be found on a desktop and on which you would click to fire up Monarch. In fact that is probably what you are doing?


          Assuming that you are running Monarch by clicking on an icon somewhere. Wherever that is right click on the icon and have a look at its properties.


          I suspect the chances are that you are seeing the icon as a graphic rather than it representing a short-cut. If the file extension .ico has been associated with the program Monarch.exe then clicking on the file (if it is indeed NOT a shortcut) will mean that the system will try to open it using Monarch instead of running Monarch.


          If Monarch Opens and indicates in the blue bar at the top of its window that it has opened the file monarch.ico you will know that this is the cause of your problem.


          What you really want is a short-cut to open monarch.exe and perhaps to associate the monarch.ico file with the shortcut as the icon to be displayed.


          Does this make any sense?


          Are you running a network installation of Monarch?



          • Changing Default Report (monarch.ico?)
            Marc Osborne

            Bingo! I must have dragged the Monarch icon file to my start menu rather than the program file icon when I first installed it. Now I've got the shortcut pointing to the monarch.exe file and everything is hunky-dory.


            Thank you very much.