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    Export Excel to Access not expected table format

    lala _

      Hi there,

      I've been using version 6.01, via autoscrip, to export an excel 5.0 file which is then imported to a 97Access database.  Until now, it's been very smooth.  Now, when importing the excel file into Access, I've gotten an error message, 'external table isn't in expected format'.  If I open the excel file and re-save it, Access imports the file successfully.  Nothing has changed on the Access side.  This particular problem happened before when we were on a very old Monarch release, exporting Excel 3.0.  Since upgrading to 6.01, this hasn't occurred.

      I need an excel file in addition to the database, otherwise I would just export as an Access file.  Has anyone ever encountered this?   :confused:      Thanks.