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    Trap 1 and sometimes 2 lines



      Monarch Pro V7.


      The data I want to extract resides on 1 and/or 2 lines. A comment field is sometimes posted as a second line.


      Report example:


      [font="courier"] BR     DEBIT     CREDIT     VOUCHR     TLR

        1     10.66                 8000      112

        1                 7.21      8000      120

                                   Reversal of 11-30

        1                  .50      8000      150

      • BR/DATE 12-01-04


        1      3.25                 8000       120

      • BR/DATE 12-02-04[/font][/quote]I would like the extracted data to look like:

      [font="courier"]DATE     BR   DEBIT   CREDIT   TLR   COMMENT

      12-01-04  1   10.66            112  

      12-01-04  1             7.21   120   Reversal of..

      12-01-04  1              .50   150

      12-02-04  1    3.25            120[/font][/quote]I tried 2-line trap and that didn't work. Then I tried a Detail trap for the "data" lines and an Append trap for the "comment" lines. These didn't work as well.


      I have a Page Header trap for the Page Header and Column Headings. (The comment line always starts in the same position and the page header and column headings have data in that postion).


      I also have a Footer trap on the date line and that seemed to work well.


      Any help on how to get the comment line included with its corresponding data would be much appreciated!




        • Trap 1 and sometimes 2 lines
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Jeff,


          Select a single line sample on the line containing the voucher number and define the fields (BR, DEBIT, CREDIT, TLR) as normal and OK the template.


          Select the same “voucher” line again and create a new append template.  Highlight a field that covers the same column positions as the “reversal of…” text.  Double click the field and select the “after last field in template” option from the Start field section of the advanced tab.


          Bring in the date as a separate footer template