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    Excel DATE Function

    mnelson _

      I'm running Monarch Pro Ver 7.01.


      Is there a simple alternative to Excel's =DATE(YEAR,MONTH,DAY) function?


      I use formulas to change the YEAR,MONTH,DAY variables.


      Can't find an easy way to do this in Monarch.  Closest I've come up with involves variations of CTOD and STR, but it seems more difficult than it should be.





        • Excel DATE Function
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Mike,


          You're right, Monarch's Date equivalent isn't as simple as Excel's and you usually end up using STR functions within the CTOD function.


          Alternatively, you could force the various year, month, and day fields to be character fields, then you wouldn't need the STR functions.


          Also, upgrading to Monarch 9 allows you define your own custom functions. Further, with the object linking features in v9, you can store your custom functions in one model (basically your own library file), then import those one or more of those functions into your current model.




          • Excel DATE Function
            Grant Perkins

            Just for completeness for those who read this later looking for Data handling information ...


            Monarch V9 also introduces a DateAdjust() function which may have some relevance for this sort of requirement.