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    .OR. Operator?

    TO User

      Hi Monarch Community,


      I am using Monarch V8 and got following problem/question in regard to the .OR. Operator.


      I would like to do following:


      I have 2 columns with Financial data. I want them summed up in a calculated column. However it does not work for all fields as some columns are empty so I would like the calculated field to only show a value if one of its sources is 0.


      I get the error message : Operand and types everytime I try to enter below. Any help?


      IF(>0 .OR. >0,[30 Turnover 3rd Column]+,"0")




      TO User

        • .OR. Operator?
          Data Kruncher

          Hello and welcome!


          You've got the right idea.


          As you only want to return a value when one of the fields is zero (or empty), this formula should do the trick:


          [font="courier"]If((=0) .Or. (=0),[30 Turnover 3rd Column]+,0)  /font[/quote]Kruncher