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    Export to txt and Import to Access Table

    gpotenza _

      I'm having problems exporting the Table data from Monarch to a Text file and then trying to import into Access.  The columns are not fixed as I had specified.  It looks OK if I view it in Notepad but when I go to import into Access the data is not fixed and I cannot set the column breaks correctly.

        • Export to txt and Import to Access Table
          Grant Perkins

          Can you describe precisely what you are doing when you export the files and then precisely what you are doing to import them.


          Are you Importing to an existing data base or format? If so have you ensured that the export format matches?


          Which version of Access are you using? (for completeness of information).


          Whilst exporting to fixed width files and importing to Access should be relatively straightfoward that is only the case when everything is fully compatible and it does not take much create a mismatch!