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    Custom Calculations

    nikki _

      How can I include custom calculations in my summaries?


      For example, I need the (field1's subtotal * 100) / (field2's subtotal).



        • Custom Calculations
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Nikki,


          Add field1 as a measure in your summary. You'll see SUM(field1) as the calculation.


          Now double click the field1 line in the measures box. This opens a dialog box with three tabs. Click on the Calculation tab. Now click the Edit button and change the formula from SUM(field1) to be:


          [font="courier"] (SUM(field1) * 100)/ SUM(field2) /font[/quote]The name of the field will have changed to be RATIO(field). Click the general tab, uncheck the "Use default title" box and give the field a more meaningful name.