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    Monarch V6 HELP!


      Totally confused with this new software and I have no one to ask here in the office.


      I am stuck trying to get the raw data from my desktop to Monarch.  I did it yesterday but it is not creating a highlighted text in grey.


      Is there instructions anywhere?



        • Monarch V6 HELP!
          Data Kruncher



          The online help file will point you in the right direction to learning the software. Start with the basics. In this case look up "creating data extraction templates". The way you tell Monarch which lines on the report you want to capture is by defining a "trap". The help file really is quite good.


          If you need specific help to overcome a particular problem, it's often best to post a sample of the report here in the forum (change the names and/or numbers if you must for privacy). Use the Instant UBB Code button for "Code" then paste your report sample between the tags.


          Good luck,


          • Monarch V6 HELP!
            Grant Perkins

            Hello and welcome to the forum!


            Sound like you have been thrown in at the deep end and have reached the point of confusion.


            Monarch is not too difficult to learn but I think most of us had some perplexing moments until things fell in to place and all become clear.


            If you have Version 6 I assume you have inherited the work from someone else  whch means that the Learning Guide which came with the softwre may well have been filed or it could have walked.


            If you do have it, run through the first 2 or 3 lessons - they won't take long - and things should start to become clearer.


            The included Help information has pretty much the same usefulness but is not quite as easy to follow as the Learning Guide. Take a look at Help Chapter 1, especially the overview and  the last but one section "Creating Data Extraction Templates".


            Basically you need an original report in a text (not graphic) format. OPen a Monarch session and then open that file in Monarch. You then need a 'Model'  which is something that tells Monarch how to interpret the report. Models consist of one or more Templates. A template is a definition of how useful date can be identified and will consist of some sample data lines from the report, a 'trap' to tell the template where to start finding the data and, usually, some field definitions that Monarch stores for each data field to know where it starts (row and column) and how long it is, plus a few other possible attributes.


            If you have opened a report and opened a model and see no greyed out areas on your screen then it suggests that the model is not one that matches the report format and so the traps for the template(s) have not been able to find anything to put in the Monarch internal data table.


            There are a number of reasons why this might happen if the report and model are supposed to match but don't. However at the moment we need to help you establish whether or not you have selected a report and model combination that ought to work