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    External Lookup Problem

    TH _

      I'm setting up an external lookup (Employee No.)from an Excel spreadsheet to an Emp ID on a Monarch table.  I've verified that both figures are numeric, one on the spreadsheet and the other on the Monarch table.  Monarch will not let me continue with the link because it indicates that "The Source and Table window columns must be of the same type."  What am I doing wrong?


        • External Lookup Problem
          Grant Perkins

          Hi TH,


          If you use the Excel spreadsheet as a database source to test how the field is interpeted by Monarch what sort of field do you get? Numeric or character?


          Are the fields the same size?


          Do they have the same alignment?


          You may need to apply a function or two to the import field to make a match on numerics - or use hidden calculated fields maybe to ensure both values are the same (Character?) and compare on that.


          Let us know what you find.