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    Automate table's corresponding report page print?

    Hobbes _

      I know with Monarch you can view where exactly in a report a table value was extracted from.  For my project, each value pulled from a report needs the corresponding report page printed.  At the moment, this is a manual process of flipping back and forth between report view and table view and printing each individual page.  Is it possible to automate this process?  If so, how do I go about setting that up?

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      I'm running V7.01 Pro and Win2000.

        • Automate table's corresponding report page print?
          RalphB _



              One way is to add a calculated field with the formula "Page()".  This will put the page number of each item beside each line.


              Another way is to add another append or page header and trap on the page number in the report itself.

          • Automate table's corresponding report page print?
            Hobbes _

            The page number is not what I ultimately need.  Currently I can click a button on the table toolbar (called 'Display source of record') that will take me to the location in the report where the record was pulled and then I print that page.  The page will include my desired record plus all the other information surrounding it that doesn't correspond.  This is the process I would like to automate. 


            Thanks for your suggestion though Ralph!  [img]smile.gif[/img]