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    Inconsistent Results Exporting from PDFs

    Bill Anderson

      I have 1400 PDF files I am trying to extract data from.  Each PDF should return exactly one record.  The model I set up works great.


      When I automate this using vbscript, not every record is getting written to the database.  If I select an example of a PDF file that did not produce a row, I can manually run Monarch and export the data.   The log file shows that the report was loaded.


      If I re-run the process, the results are different.  That is to say, different records are skipped.


      I slowed down the process by inserting some loops to kill time between loading the report, loading the model and exporting the table.  This dropped the instances of skipped rows to a smaller number, but not to zero.


      I also am doing two jetexports, one to an Access database and one to a text file.  The results are the same for each export.


      I am doing error checking, and forcing retries on all monarch methods.


      Short of slowing the process down to a crawl, is there anyway I can be assured that the model finds the data that it should find?


      It would be nice to be able to verify the number of records in the table before I do my export, but I don't see any way to do that.

        • Inconsistent Results Exporting from PDFs
          Mike Urbonas

          Bill, it is possible the new Monarch V9 Pro will work with your PDF files properly.  This is because one of the V9 Pro features is more behind the scenes capabilities for Monarch V9 Pro to "tweak" PDF files which do not follow Adobe standards to behave properly anyway.  As Gareth Horton, Monarch Product Manager, noted in our  [url="http://monarch.datawatch.com/monarchv9-demo-form.asp"]"What's New in Monarch V9" Flash demo[/url] (registration required), it's a bit like how early MS Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat coding was revised to account for various idiosyncrasies of certain HTML and PDF, so these files could be displayed properly anyway.


          I hope you do not take this answer merely as an effort to sell you something.  But, I think it is worth a try, and you can purchase Monarch as always risk free with our 30 day guarantee.  Our Monarch team at 800-445-3311 can discuss with you further.  I hope Monarch V9 Pro proves to solve this PDF problem for you.