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    Capturing Data on Multiple & Variable Lines

    JenniferP _

      I need to extract the fee amounts from a report but they appear at different horizontal positions on the report. I am able to get the first line, but when there is a "sur charge" it will appear 2 - 3 lines below the main detail line and in the center of the report. I have not been able to find a way to capture it using multiple line fields.


      Desired end report would be:

      Date  Description  Fee Amount

      11/17  ATM Service  1.00

      11/17  Sur Charge   1.75


      I've inserted sample data below (it has been scrubbed of any proprietary information). However, I'm not sure that the formatting is translating correctly here. Thank you very much for any suggestions you may have.

      [font="courier"]  DATE      NUMBER  DESCRIPTION                                      AMOUNT






         11/17     851825  ATM-DAILY BALANCE INQUIRY    12345678               .00


                           SHOP AND S 12098 VETERANS MEM HOUSTON TXUS    TXUS




         11/17             ATM SERVICE CHARGE                                 1.00




         11/17     855555  ATM-DR CASH FROM CHECKING    12345678             21.75


                           SHOP AND S 12098 VETERANS MEM HOUSTON TXUS    TXUS


                           SUR CHARGE   1.75




         11/17             ATM SERVICE CHARGE                                 1.00




         11/17     255555  ATM-DR CASH FROM CHECKING    V1222221             22.00


                           COMMERCE BANK - TEXAS JOHN DANIELS - HWY 4 SUTXUS


                           SUR CHARGE   2.00 /font[/quote]


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        • Capturing Data on Multiple & Variable Lines
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Jennifer,


          It looke like you have a constraint in the the detail record may have only 1 line (so this is the maximum value for the number of lines in a record unless you use multi-line records).


          On the other hand the required output has one field a long way to the right of the date and anothe, when it occurs, some way to the left. They do not seem to overlap.


          So, If you have a one line detail record that  picks up the ATM service charge from over on the right of the line you could also paint a field shere the 'Sur Charge' would appear on the same line. (Don't worry that the Sur Charge is presented on a different line.)


          Once you have peimnted the field go into the  Advanced Properties and set the 'Start Field On' to be 'Preceding String' with a value of "SUR CHARGE".


          The template should now pick all those records that have a surcharge.


          I'm not sure how you are selecting the ATM Service Charge records since they too do not always occur.


          If you select a detail line based on the existence of a date and then apply the 'Preceding string' idea for both the 'Sur Charge' and the "ATM SERVICE CHARGE" you should get every occurence of either or both fields in a single record.


          Warning - I have not tested this using your example data but it should work! Please let me know if it fails.