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    Having trouble getting Description field trapped

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      I can't wrap my head around this (in fact I physically have a headache thinking about this).

      Here's the report structure (nothing is sensitive about the data)

      [font="courier"]11/03/2003B101 A108  Communicate-Other re: 148                              

                           Oaklawn Rd.                  65.00    0.25     16.25   

                B101 A125  Inspections-GCASP Sites      65.00    2.50    162.50                                                                               

      11/04/2003B140 A118  Prepare grease brochures                               

                           site inspection                                  n/c   

                B101 A106  Communicate with client-e                              

                           re: 150 W. Las Tunas.        65.00    0.25     16.25   

                B101 A106  Communicate with client -                              

                           call re: Second and Norma    65.00    0.25     16.25   

                B101 A101  City Yard                    85.00    1.00     85.00   

                B140 A112  IW required letter for 41                              

                           Huntington Drive.            65.00    0.50     32.50   

                B101 A112  NOV  Letter to 103 East                                

                           Huntington Drive.            65.00    0.50     32.50   

                B101 A117  Report- Investigation She                              

                           103 East Huntington Drive    65.00    0.75     48.75   

                B140 A112  IW required letters (6).     65.00    2.00    130.00   

                B101 A102  Research changes to fire                               

                           debris/first rains piece     65.00    0.15      9.75                                                                               

      11/05/2003B101 A106  Communicate with client      65.00    0.25     16.25                                                                               

      11/06/2003B101 A125  Inspections-review/revise                              

                           inspection goals for Augu                              

                           deadline                     65.00    0.25     16.25                                                                               

      11/07/2003B140 A112  Letter: Resend NOV for 21                              

                           Live Oak                                         n/c   

                B101 A110  Manage data/files-Site                                 

                           Inspection Software                                    

                           Analysis/debugging           65.00    0.50     32.50   

                B101 A106  Communicate with client S                              

                           NOV for 103 East Huntingt                              

                           Drive.                       65.00    0.25     16.25   

                B140 A106  Communicate with client,                               

                           emails and respond.          65.00    0.50     32.50   

                B140 A112  Redo IW required letters                               

                           (amounts changed) 14                             n/c   

                B101 A140  Plan check - 11711 Clark     85.00    1.00     85.00    /font[/quote]I can easily (DETAIL) trap the values (and the n/c) by checking for a non-blank value in the last column.


      I can easily append the two codes (B??? & A???) and also append the date.


      I'm not sure how to trap the description. I'm sure it's a memo type field, but the end-on options aren't seeming to do the job.


      Any suggestions?


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        • Having trouble getting Description field trapped
          Grant Perkins



          That certainly is a little bizarre and unexpected.


          Gave up on the direct tack and tried taking the whole record as detail, trapping on the B and A of the codes (for example). The easy way to create the template is to select one of the single line records as the sample.


          Map those as regular fields. Make the description a multi line field ending the field with something suitable - "None of the Above" if using V7 perhaps?


          Do the same with your value fields and make them multi-line fields. You should get numeric fields by default. Do you want to see n/c displayed? If not numeric seems fine.


          Er, that seems to be it. Looks like it works but I'm not digging too deep as it's 02:30 and I'm off to bed!




          Edited for clarity (I hope)


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          • Having trouble getting Description field trapped
            Bruce _

            Hi Nick


            I was not able to cut & paste this example, so I could not test, but i used something similar & could not get the multiple line working like you found. It always ignored the last line of text when you had 3 more fields (your rates) at the end, but I could get the entire block of text minus this last line.


            As a work-around why not take the detail line to be the last 3 numeric fields AND the last line of text (as character not memo)

            IE. in the detail, the fields should be Oaklawn Rd {not the rest of the block of text}, 65, .25,16.25.


            Now get the 1st part of the info, the dates and the beginning block of text (not including the last line). In calculated fields merge these two text fields to get the full block.


            As none of your text fields look larger then 60-70 characters, this work-around s/b OK.


            Hope this helps & let me know if this works   smile.gif[/img]  or not  

            • Having trouble getting Description field trapped
              Nick Osdale-Popa

              Thanks Bruce and Grant, two excellent solutions. However, Grant's doesn't require the use of concatenating the description field, which is nice. With your's, Bruce, I had to determine if the two description pieces were alike and append as necessary.


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