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    user problem

    sunoco _

      After installing Monarch V 8.0 Network we have 2 succesfull users. The others can not use the application due the following error :

      "username already in use by another user, you must enter your own username when starting a session".

      But, nobody is using the application neither the username ! In the setup we've properly filled in the four different usernames.

      Is there a solution for this error?


      Johan Verwerft


        • user problem
          sunoco _

          The other 2 users are working in a different ip-range(xxx.xxx.17.xx) than the installed Monarch directory has(xxx.xxx.16.xx), could this be the problem ?



          • user problem
            Dee Moore

            Hi Sunoco,


            As long as all the Client machines have been properly installed, and the Users are listed in the Monarch Admin, the last check is that the Users have the appropriate permissions to the directories that reside on the Server.


            Users need to have Full Control of the Users Folder and cannot be stopped along the way.



            Dee Moore

            Datawatch Tech Support