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    Monarch V9 Generates Microsoft Blogging Buzz

    Mike Urbonas

      Monarch V9 has gained the attention of Microsoft managers active within Microsoft's blogging community.


      First, Microsoft Office program manager Brian Jones, writing on his Open XML Formats blog, praised Monarch V9's ability to export rich spreadsheet output to Excel, not just raw data.  Monarch V9 can export data to the new Open XML (xlsx) format, used by MS Office 2007, in addition to a host of other advanced Excel exporting features.  You can read Brian's blog entry [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/brian_jones/archive/2007/02/27/datawatch-builds-reports-using-spreadsheetml.aspx"]here[/url].


      Brian's blog entry was followed by a humorous blog post by Doug Mahugh, a technical evangelist at Microsoft, also specializing in the Office Open XML file format.  Doug mused that maybe Monarch makes accessing organizational data too easy!  Check out Doug's blog  [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/dmahugh/archive/2007/02/27/monarch-a-product-for-breaking-into-your-own-data.aspx"]here[/url].


      And Yair Alan Griver, architect for the Microsoft.com online communities, mentioned how he was one of the original Monarch beta testers: "I was on Compuserve then," Yair wrote, "and someone posted a request for beta testers of a new tool that converted reports to data. I loved it!"  We hope you enjoy Yair's blog entry [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/yag/archive/2007/02/27/monarch-v9-ships-a-trip-down-memory-lane.aspx"]here[/url].