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    Monarch V9 is here!

    Mike Urbonas

      It's official...the new Monarch V9 has officially been released as of today!    [img]smile.gif[/img]  


      What is it?[/b] Monarch V9 is the newest version of Monarch, with plenty of new features designed to appeal to frequent users of Excel.  Monarch users typically export their Monarch data to Excel, so we made it a point to include compelling new Excel functionality, among other new features.


      What does Monarch V9 offer Excel users?[/b] Monarch V9 uses its own native Excel export engine instead of relying on drivers provided by Microsoft. This means Monarch V9 is 5X faster when exporting to Excel; Monarch V9 can export to the new Open XML (Excel 2007) XLSX format; and Monarch Pro V9 can import XLSX files.


      Additionally, we have many Excel-friendly features designed to help reduce, if not eliminate manual "Post-Monarch" work in Excel.  For example, Monarch summary exports to Excel now include subtotals and grand totals as Excel formulas, not static values as in previous versions.  You can also choose to export summary data with the Excel Outlining feature enabled (for drill-up and drill-down within Excel).  Plus, exception coloring in your Monarch summary will be exported as native Excel conditional formatting as well.  In the Monarch table, you can export data with the Excel AutoFilter automatically activated.


      Cool! What else?[/b] Monarch V9 offers new analytical and data presentation capabilities.  For example, you can create you rown User-Defined Functions; formulas that appear as part of the list of standard Monarch functions.  These User-Defined Functions can be shared with other Monarch users in the form of Linked Objects (any element of a Monarch model can be made available for other Monarch users to use; a great solution for multi-user Monarch sites to manage and control Monarch use, ensuring everyone is applying the same correct model templates, calculations, filters, etc. 


      When you create forumulas in Monarch V9, you have a lot more space to do so: up to 32,767 characters (up from 4,096!)


      In another new collaboration capability, Monarch V9 also lets you import and export files, models, model objects, etc. via MS SharePoint.


      Also, the Monarch V9 summary view offers many new presentation options. You can choose to hide certain columns needed to sort your data properly, for example, but you do not want to display certain columns. (Columns hidden in your Monarch summary will also be exported as hidden within Excel also).  You can also display summary data differently using "header lines" for brand new options to present and export Monarch summary data.  Here too, we focused on how Monarch V9 will help reduce, if not eliminate manual "Post-Monarch" work in Excel.


      As for new report mining capabilities, Monarch V9 now offers up to 22[/b] templates in a single Monarch model, and you can define a detail template with up to 256[/b] lines - great for mining data from page-long business documents like statements and invoices.  Also Monarch V9 offers a new NOT trap, which will trap data based on whether certain characters, numbers, blanks, wildcards, etc. do "not" appear in that position.


      Any new database importing features in Monarch Pro V9?[/b] Yes!  We added a new, faster OLE DB data importing engine, up to 20% faster than previous versions of Monarch Pro.  You can also pre-filter imported database data with 22 Monarch text string, numeric and date functions now available to use!  Finally, if you work with delimited text files, you can now open multiple instances of those data files at the same time in Monarch Pro V9.


      Of course, this is just an overview of some of the new features and power of Monarch V9!


      Links for complete details...[/b]


      [url="http://www.datawatch.com/datawatch/news.asp?display=detail&id=128"]Read our official press release.[/url]

      [url="http://www.datawatch.com/download/optional.asp?file=monarch_v9_Int_final.pdf"]Check out our Monarch V9 upgrade brochure.[/url]


      [url="http://monarch.datawatch.com/monarchv9-demo-form.asp"]Watch our What's New in Monarch V9 flash demo (online registration required).[/url]


      [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/brian_jones/archive/2007/02/27/datawatch-builds-reports-using-spreadsheetml.aspx"]Read Microsoft's Brian Jones (OpenXML Program Manager) blog on the V9 release.[/url]


      [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/dmahugh/archive/2007/02/27/monarch-a-product-for-breaking-into-your-own-data.aspx"]Read Microsoft's Doug Mahugh (Lead Open XML Technical Evangelist) blog on the V9 release.[/url]


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        • Monarch V9 is here!
          Amit _

          Hi Mike,


          Thanks for the information.


          Could you please advise whether new version supports Japanese Language (Double Byte) characters as well? If it does, then its a big news for Japan.


          Look forward to your reply.




          • Monarch V9 is here!
            Sunapee _

            Can you discuss backwards compatibility to older versions? 


            We have customers on v7 & v8.  If they upgrade to v9 will the batch/model/project files we have in place continue to work for them?


            If we upgrade to v9 here, can we still pass batch/model/project files to customers on the older versions?


            I know that in the past we could pass to older versions as long as we did not use any of the new  functions, and at one point (v6 to v7 ??) that  could not be done.

            • Monarch V9 is here!
              F77 _

              So can you tell us if any of the requests for future features for Monarch in the forum actually made it into this release?

              • Monarch V9 is here!
                Gareth Horton

                That is an excellent question.


                We did include many user-suggested feature in V9 from various sources, including the forums.  Some of the features we included from the forum were scattered around various posts stretching back for a while and some have been taken from the future features thread.


                I was able to compile a list of the features included in V9 to solve the problems suggested within that thread:


                Glen Nickerson

                I would like to be able to create and/or edit filters without the filter being applied to the table.


                Nigel Winton

                I would like to be able to select some of the Project Exports, not all and run them. Possibly using the CTRL key when selecting. (Monarch Pro)


                frugalman/Rusty_Haley/Lorelei/Data Kruncher etc.

                I would like to be able to copy summaries filters just the ones i select from one model to another model (Monarch Pro)


                Arne/debijo etc

                I know we can use database functionality, but annoying feature is that all numeric data is read as numeric and can not be altered to TEXT in the modell. For many columns with numeric data where leading zeros are needed, thus format text, I have to use calculated fields. This is rather laborious.


                Either this is changed in database functionality (change field type to text) or Oli's suggestion makes sense for SAP users. (Monarch Pro)



                Add fields or user var. to header or footer.


                Add Measure is <>, <= or >=, between, to

                Matching Tab in Key Field Properties,

                i.e. Amount <> 0.


                When importing from Excel or other Database, convert Null or empty cells to 0 to allow calculations to work. Also, add option to change data type prior to import.



                When doing subsequent exports during a session remember the path and export file type that was previously used instead of the Monarch default export path/file type until Monarch is closed. Every other Windows program seems to operate like this, don't know why Monarch can't.



                Would like to see the ability to open more than one database at a time when database type is ASCII text like CSV or TSV or some other delimited text file. I currently dump last months sales from the Oracle database into a CSV file. I do this for each month. I would like to bring multiple months into Monarch for analysis. (Monarch Pro)



                I would like the ability to perform some basic formatting on the summary that would carry over to Excel <snipped>, I always freeze the top few rows including column names. This formatting is always done manually in Excel. It would be nice to do basic formatting such as these examples and store this information with the exports.



                I would love to add comments (using the /* */) to fields that come from the report.


                Right now we can only add comments to the calculated fields.


                This would be great to mark up the fields with internal notes.



                The ability for Monarch to Filter unmatched items in a table. Monarch can currently filter and show duplicates... but I need to be able to filter out the duplicates and only show the items that do not have a match.


                Paul P

                An "Elapsed Business Days" function would be nice. I can calculate elapsed days by just subtracting one date field from another, but really want the elapsed "business" days rather than total days. I suspect I can write a formula that will calculate this but would be nice to have a function that would calculate this for me. (See the Working_Days user-defined function in the UserDefinedFunctions.xmod with Monarch Pro)



                This one is pretty simple I think...Some of my lookup tables are longer than the default column width shown when you edit a calculated field/lookup table. Every time I need to add to these tables or change them I have to not only resize the column (which isn't too difficult) but I also have to resize the entire dialog box to see what I am working with. It would be nice if Monarch could retain these settings at least durning the current session. That would save time when you are setting up or modifying complex models. It would be great to be able to change the default size or position of dialog boxes in a Preferences option....Thanks for asking for our input.



                Originally posted by F77:

                So can you tell us if any of the requests for future features for Monarch in the forum actually made it into this release? /b[/quote]

                • Monarch V9 is here!
                  Brad Shipman

                  I have a couple questions about what the new features will actually enable me to do.  Should I post here or in a separate thread?

                  • Monarch V9 is here!
                    Mike Urbonas

                    Hi Brad. I suggest starting a new topic, which will make your specific questions easier for everyone to find and comment on.




                    • Monarch V9 is here!
                      gpotenza _

                      I don't see a response to Sunapee's question regarding backwards compatiability.  Will Model and project files created in version 8 work with version 9?

                      • Monarch V9 is here!
                        Mike Urbonas

                        Absolutely!  Monarch V9 will read xmod and xprj files created with Monarch V8 or V7.

                        • Monarch V9 is here!
                          Sunapee _

                          If I modify or create a Model or a Project file with v9, can I pass it to someone using v7 or v8?

                          • Monarch V9 is here!
                            RalphB _

                            As long as you don't incorporate any features that are exclusive or new to V 9 like user defined functions you are OK.