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    PRF by command line

    aglatfelter _

      I am trying to create a portable report by using a command line/batch file.  I am using Monarch v5.  I can get the file to be created, but I can't get the tree view to show up in Monarch Report Explorer, I just get the folder icon with the file name - no tree nodes.  When I create the prf file in Monarch the tree view comes up.  The command line I use is:


      "C:program filesmonarchprogrammonarch.exe" "H:Monarch testsglrpt.txt" "H:Monarch testsgldeptnum1.mod" "H:Monarch testsglscriptprf1.prf" /I /M


      The model file just pulls the department number, so when I create a prf in Monarch and open it in Report Explorer the tree that I get has each dept #, so it can be easy gotten to.  I have tried with no /I or /M, and with just /I and just /M.  Is there something I am missing?  Do I need to change something in the model file?  Any help is appreciated.