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    Trying to launch a .bat from desktop with command line inputs

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      I am using verson 8.02 and have been trying to create a .bat for execution of some command line inputs to perform projects and then export to Excel & Access.  When I run the .bat, I get a DOS screen to open briefly then it disappears and the rest of the program is not executed.  Let me tell you what I have done to try to isolate the problem.  We are operating on a network with some controls on the C: reserved for administrators....I am not one of these.  Without any admin rights,I can get the MONARCHU.exe to open.  The MONARCH.exe will not.  I can also open all other .exe files through the use of a .bat with no problems.  I can get the same results from a DOS window....  everything works except the MONARCH.exe program.  I can put any of the .bat commands in the run window from the START button and they will all execute properly (including the MONARCH.exe)....keep in mind that this is while I have no admin rights.  However, if I am given admin rights to the C: all of the .bat file commands will work properly.  The problem; admin rights to the C: is not an option available for a permanent fix.  Is this done by design or is it a known or unkown problem?  Verson 7 did not have this issue.  Is there a fix?

        • Trying to launch a .bat from desktop with command line inputs

          That sounds like an interesting problem. I have never come acrossed it before.


          Are you running a local version of Monarch or a network version?


          Is the C: drive your local hard drive?


          Can you post an example of a .bat file that you are trying to execute?


          I use .bat files which execute project files and export to Excel all the time and have never had a problem with V7 or V8.

          • Trying to launch a .bat from desktop with command line inputs
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            Expanding on Dan's comments, one other thing to check:


            In your batch file do you refer to the monarch exe just by name, or do you supply a complete path name? I had problems when the DOS window assumed a different path then the XP os did & the batch file did not run.


            Expressly naming the path fixed this problem for me.


            Let us know if this helps.