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    PDF Exporting

    KarenG _


      I wonder if anyone can help me

      Once a month I produce a report from source data and use Monarch to link all the necessary data into the requested report.  Up until July this was done by exporting from monarch into an excel file and then PDFing each report (86 in total) - this as you can imagine took a considerable amount of man-hours. In July I semi-automated the procedure as the newer version of Monarch allows for exporting directly to a PDF.  This modification was run and distributed for the June month end, with for example a single report being 157KB.

      I was on holiday and my line manager ran the job (with the same version of monarch on it and adobe] so this surely shouldn’t have caused any problems.)  He then had to VNC onto my machine (with my password) to complete the Batch Processing within Adobe, as his is not set up for this particular function.

      When the PDF was exported it was 583KB, and this is just for one report.

      Can you please explain why these two identical files are different sizes?

      I have gone through all the setting in Adobe and Monarch (the PDF Converter, the Postscript printer and the default printer ) but to no avail, there is no significant change in size.) I don’t know if the problem is through Monarch, Adobe or something to do with our printer profiles.

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Karen and welcome to the forum.


          PDF production is a slightly strange function. I presume you are concerned about the difference in file sizes you see when what should be a comparable report ends up 3 or 4 times the size it was simply by being produced from a different system?


          It might be worth having a look at the properties of the June and July comparable files. Adobe pdf viewer allows this from the File menu os using Ctrl+D.


          For example one option when a pdf is created is whether or not you want the file to include the font(s) that you have used to produce the report. This ensures that the fonts you used are always available to any reader at the other end BUT will also increase the file size of the output report.


          If you don't include the fonts the file will tend to be smaller BUT is the recipient does not have one fo th fonts you have used on the device with which they are reading the file an alternative will be substituted, perhaps changing the appearabce (at the very least) of the report.


          I have no idea how Excel or Monarch set out to deal with such matters. However a look at the files using the file properties view may help you assess if that, or something similar, is likely to be the source of the size discrepancy.






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            KarenG _

            Hi Grant


            Thanks for the advise.

            I compared the 3 PDF's suggested and they are the same.

            i went through the process yesterday of exporting the PDF's after making small changes to Monarch, the printers and Adobe, listed them all to make sure that i knew exactly what i had done but there was still no significant reduction.  i embedded the fonts, and then removed them - and still no change.i am flummoxed.

            When you are exporting in Monarch in this way, would it take the default printer, the PDF Converter or the printer that you have selected?

            Any other avenues you can think of to investigate?

              :confused:  Karen

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              Grant Perkins

              Hi Karen,


              Well, I'm no expert at all in creating PDF output from Monarch and certainly not from Excel. So no more ideas to suggest really, except to say that there are so many PDF writers with various ways of producing the files out there that obtaining a consistent (small) size may not be easy to achieve.


              That does not help you much right now.


              There are a couple of adjustments available for Excel and PDF output from Monarch in the Page Setup option n the File menu but what effect they have I don't know and I am short of enough time to experiment right now. Sound like you have pretty much done that anyway.


              Hopefully one of the the other Forum members or a DW knowledge fount can provide some guidance!


              If I get a chance to play in the next few days I will let you know what I find.




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                KarenG _

                thanks for trying anyway Grant. its becoming my mission now to sort this out...that or the computer goes through the window!