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    New at VBA, want to export project

    jgould81 _

      I am new at VBA, in fact, I have almost zero knowledge.  I've been reading through the posting here looking for help with something I am working on, and it gets even more confusing to me, so I am hoping if I explain what I am trying to do someone can help me get this into the right coding!!


      I have project file all created and was running with a batch file with the following syntax:

      "C:Program FilesMonarchProgramMonarch.exe" /prj:"c:docume1mattcmydocu1jobsit~1ConvertMDB.xprj" /pxall

      It was working no problem, but now I wish to run the project as part of an Excel Macro.


      Can someone help me get started with the code I need for this??

      P.S. I'm sure this isn't enough info, so feel free to ask me more questions.