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    Appending export files in vb

    Jerome _

      I'll try to make this short.


      I have v7.1 std and should have v8 pro by tomorrow.  I use vb to automate a lot of file exports and have recently found out from these forums I cannot append file exports using vb with the standard version of Monarch.


      So by tomorrow I should be up and running with hopefully no problems, the only questions I have are can I export a pipe delimited file using Monarch within vb?  Will I have any issues appending from 20 (or so) different sources?  Formats will all be the same.  Also, will my old vb code require any changes in this upgrade?


      Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.

        • Appending export files in vb
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Jerome,


          You'll be able to export pipe delimited text files by changing the export option within your model. On the Text Files tab, specify the pipe character as the Other character ("Use the following character as the delimiter:").


          You'll get the best results by modifying your ExportTable calls to use JetExportTable. See the  [url="http://www.datawatch.com/pdf/products/monarch/Monarch_8_Programmers_Guide.pdf"]v8 Programmers Manual[/url] for the full syntax of JetExportTable.


          Additionally, do NOT use a ".txt" extenstion for the output file, as this seems to force the fixed length text file format driver to kick in. Instead use ".csv", which activates the delimited text file driver, and the desired pipe delimiter.


          Let us know how you make out with this.