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    Output multiple lines

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      I have Monarch 7.0 and I need help with multiple lines. The file comes in this way below with multiple rows and each person has 2 lines, one labeled FILE and one labeled SYSTEM. I would like to export this to excel with the separate lines pulling all the columns listed in the same order (basically the same as it looks just in excel. I tried having the FILE row as the detail and then the SYSTEM row as the Append template but that just added it to the same line. I need it to be in separate lines/rows still. How do I do that?


      Source     SSN       Member #   Name          

      FILE       111111111 9999999-01 DOE      

      SYSTEM      111111111 9999998-01 DOE          

      FILE       222222222 5555555-01 SMITH

      SYSTEM  222222222 5555554-01 SMITTH     


      Thank you.

        • Output multiple lines
          Grant Perkins



          One way would be to simple select every row as the detail and export the results. You may wish to choose a way to exclude the header row I guess.


          Alternatively have you looked at importing the file directly into Excel? Is that an option for you? Excel can read it as a space delimited file. If all the data is presented as per the sample it should work OK - a little trickier if the entire set of data is not as consistent as the sample - on whcih case use the Monarch idea from above.


          The header line seems to have an issue with "Member #" as the space would be treated as a delimiter but on  import you can exclude it anyway if you are prepared to title the columns manually.