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      I am using Monarch V8 Pro, on Win XP, and Office 2000.


      When I Copy and Paste data from the Report View to an Excel Spreadsheet (as on page 24 of the Learning Guide), instead of a Tabular Display, a bitmap is produced.


      Have any of you had this problem?

      Can you advise me how to fix this?


      Thank You in advance,


        • Paste to Excel
          Mike Urbonas



          Monarch does not support copying anything to the Clipboard as bitmaps.


          Whenever you copy data to the Clipboard, Monarch creates both a text image and a worksheet image (with separate columns and cells).


          Troubleshooting suggestion: Instead of doing a plain "paste" in Excel, do a "Paste Special..." and let us know what options appear in your Excel "Paste Special" window.


          What you should see as paste format options are:


          • Wk1 = Lotus Worksheet image format. If the text from your report has different columns, Monarch lets you paste into your Excel file and the text you paste will also appear in separate columns.

          • Unicode text and

          • Plain text = paste the text from your report as unicode or plain text with no separate columns.


          See also the topic "Report Clipboard images" in Monarch help.


          Let us know, thanks