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    Template creation problems

    Bill Kinkead

      I have Monarch version 7 and created traps to trap data in a report. I did find that it does trapt some of the data, but then provides garbage for the rest. I have followed the learning guide tot he letter and still can not figure out how to create a template that will keep me from getting that garbage. Any ideas?

        • Template creation problems
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Bill,


          More than a few reports have been written in such a way that the format is, shall we say, inconsistent. I like to be polite about these things if possible!


          If you have one (or more) of those reports it may be that you need to add a few things to your models that relate to more advanced techniques than it is reasonable to include in the learning guides. If this is early in your Monarch using career you are very unlucky  - but it does seem that more and more people are starting out with the really nasty reports.


          s there any chance you can post a sample for us to look at together with an explanation of what you need to get out of the process?


          To keep a report formatted use the "Code" button in the Instant UBB Code section  of the posting screen and simply insert a cut and paste version of a problem section of your report between the 2 tags.


          If you have any problems about releasing the data can you make up a 'cleansed' version?


          Some of us are in a position to work outside the forum pages with report files if you can release them via email so if posting to the forum is out there may be other ways around the restriction.


          From what you have said it sounds like we really need to see the report or something very similar in order to spot the problem and offer suggestions for solving it.