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    Report 163E

    Bill Tilghman

      This is a national report that has varying formats, and no spaces to assist in designing the model.

      In my model this works fine:

      Plan ID (flush felt)

      Account (one space offset)

      JH1166790 A  500       600.00

      JH1170950 A  500       978.00

      JH1170950 A  501     1,068.00

      JH1170950             117.48

      JH1170950             149.52

      JH1170950              85.44

      JH1294144 A  500     1,057.00

      JH1294144             295.96

      JH1294500 A  500     1,057.00

      JH1294500              52.85

      JH1294500              21.14


      I made the Account line the detail and append 1 is the account line with that offset space.


      Where it does not pick up a line is when the Plan ID is a single line and butted up to it is another  account that has an account number .


      JH1266175 A  500[/b]   

      JH1266183 A  500   


      jh1266175 gets dropped.


      I've tried a lot of combinations of header, footer and such and can't figure this one out...


      Thanks in advance.,... hope it's not something dumb like my last question on "RR" v RR