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    Monarch Utility-Inserting carriage returns/line feeds into a report (was:Memo Fields)


      I have a report of search strings that were found. The filename is listed once. 



      file1    string1


      file2    string1

      file3    string1



      I've created the report with the search strings in a memo field, but my report looks like the following:

      file1   string1    string2

      file2   string1

      file3   string1    string2   string3



      I'd like to insert cariage returns between the search strings.  Note that the strings have spaces in them, so I can't replace spaces with cariage returns.



      I'd like to do this so that when I export to excel, I can turn the word wrap property of the cells on, and the display will look much less cluttered.



      Any ideas?


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