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    Can Word files (.doc or .rtf) be used?

    patbkpr _

      People here always send me Word documents they want Monarched into spreadsheets and I have not been able to do it. I always get gibberish when I "Open file" in Monarch.

        • Can Word files (.doc or .rtf) be used?
          RalphB _

          When working with Word documents in the past, I would open up the document in Word and then save it using the "Save As" command as a text only (*.txt) and then opened it up in Monarch successfuly.  As Todd says, you will lose the formatting of Word but the layout didn't change for us. That is going back as far as Monarch V6.

          • Can Word files (.doc or .rtf) be used?
            Paul P

            And if you don't have full Adobe, we recently discoverd a Foxit PDF Editor from foxitsoftware.com that looks pretty cool and it's only $99 plus free 30 day trial.  This would let you first save the word docs as PDF's then import them.