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    Excel Formatting/Page Setup

    Greg Goodman

      Other than well known formatting issues from Monarch to Excel, has the possiblity of setting and exporting page setups to Excel been considered? Things like print titles, header/footer controls, landscape v portrait, etc.


      The client I'm working with could really benefit some direct handling in Monarch vs. the VBA code that I've written to handle.


      How much better is 7.0 than 6.0 Monarch re: proper formatting carried to Excel?

        • Excel Formatting/Page Setup
          Bruce _



          The cell formating is retained when exporting to Excel, but page setups are not.


          I still use a vba script to do the page layout in Excel (margins, landscape, paper size), as Monarch uses an export as comapred to a "print-to Excel".



          • Excel Formatting/Page Setup
            Greg Goodman

            Thanks Bruce - That's (VBA in Excel) the approach I'm trying to use but I'm having trouble (Office XP) with Monarch log files locking up. I've got the code in a "Workbook_Open" routine in an Excel file but something weird is going on. If I open the file I want to modify manually, everything runs fine - but Monarch is "locking up" some how.


            Any words of wisdom?