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    Mail Label Format to 1 row x X Columns

    Bob Bridwell

      am attempting to copy about 500 names from a website listing of stores. These are listed on webpage in mail label format. Can I copy these to MS EXCEL then setup a model in Monarch to read and effectively set up the 6 lines in address to essentially a row with the info in 6 columns?


      Then export back to EXCEL or ACCESS.


      Familiar with Models, but have never tried this type b4.


      Anyone have an idea??

        • Mail Label Format to 1 row x X Columns
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Bob,


          I'm sure this will be possible.  The specifics will depend on how the data is laid out on the web site and what version of Monarch you have.  But here are some ideas to look at.


          Copy from the web page by highlighting the text and using edit->Copy.  Paste the text into Notepad and see how it looks.  If it still looks like labels, then you should be OK to take that straight into Monarch.  Monarch V7 has excellent address handling.  Especially if some of your addresses are not in the US.  If you have V7, (or are willing to upgrade) extract all the address data into a single field so that you have 1 row in the table for each address. With everything included in a single field.  If the labels are in more than one column, you can use the Multi Column Regions in V7.     In the table window, use the address Block feature (yellow envelope) to extract all the address into the correct fields (Add1, Add2, City, State, Zip etc).  If you don’t have V7, you may be able to use the <ZIP> trap in defining the template.  The rules are much more rigid and it won’t work for most non-US address formats.


          If the above method is not suitable for your HTML page, and you have V6 Professional or above, then you should be able to extract the addresses directly from the HTML page.  Again, this will depend on the HTML layout. 


          As you say, you may be able to paste into Excel instead of Notepad.  Maybe Excel will handle it better than Notepad if the HTML is a bit polluted.  If you do this then there will be two ways of getting the data into Monarch.

          If the data is already all on one line as you desire (but you still need Monarch to split it into csz), then the best bet will be to use Monarch Professional and open as a database.

          If the data still looks like labels, or you only have Standard, then save the Excel file as Formatted Text (Space Delimited)


          I hope one of the above works out OK. 





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