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    Top 10 signs that you're a Monarch junkie...

    Data Kruncher

      Inspired by another site, at the risk of embarassing myself, I offer the following...


      Top 10 signs that you're a Monarch junkie:


      - You view every publication you read as a trapping challenge.


      - You name your pets Report, Table and Summary.


      - You find it difficult to read text that doesn't have gray shading blocks.


      - You go fishing with your buddies and tell them you'll be using floating traps.


      - You're listening to your spouse and wish you could apply a filter.


      - You think of dating as external lookups.


      - You want to verify every document you open on your computer.


      - You can't touch your key ring without feeling the need to define a summary.


      - You type Monarch functions when you're using Excel.


      and the number one sign that you're a Monarch junkie...


      - When your boss asks you to do something, the first thing you think is "Can I do that with Monarch?"... and you always answer "Yes!"


      Other ideas?


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