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    Memory and Performance

    frugalman _

      I love my Monarch 8.0!

      I bought a new Dell computer a few weeks ago with 4GB of main memory, two fast 160GB disk drives and dual core 3.2 gigahertz processor, running Windows XP professional.  I deal with a lot of files of 2 million row size.  I was hoping that the performance improvement over my old 1 GB memory machine would be terrific.  While faster, it has been disappointing.  I don't understand why a 250MB 2 million row file doesn't load entirely into memory, and compute my summaries quickly in memory.  Or is it?  It doesn't seem so..

        • Memory and Performance
          Guy Chowning

          I work with files that contain 2,000,000 rows of data on a regular basis. Monarch does eventually extract the data but it is VERY slow. I run XP SP2 Dell 3GHZ Dual Core with 4 Gig of Ram.


          Each time I apply a filler or apply a different criteria I am again forced to wait wait wait.


          Is there an optimum hardware platform that will produce robust performance?


          Does anyone have a solution to improve user performance to produce fast and reasonable wait times?


          I am open to all suggestions and would really appreciate hearing from those who have overcome this obstacle?