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    File Name

    Awol _

      Is there any way of extracting the file name as a field within the table rather than the full path i.e


      Using File() I get .........U:Client Monthly ReportsClient StatementsAll Prn FilesS-CS-C Feb 05.prn


      I only want the last part........S-C Feb 05.prn


      Please bear in mind that I would like the model to work on varying length file names and paths if possible.

        • File Name
          Grant Perkins

          Would something link the RSPLIT function work for you?


          Off the top of my head ...

          [font="courier"]RSPLIT(FILE(),2,"",1) /font[/quote]might do it.


          You may need RTRIM as well somewhere to remove trailing spaces from the result but it works for me without that.