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    I am new to this

    bonnie_first _



      I had never heard of Monarch until a couple of days ago.  I will be taking a training course in Austin, Texas.  I work for a national truck stop chain for the merchandising department and will be using this program to run reports.  I would like any feedback or advice from anyone.  thanks.

        • I am new to this
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          Major point is to make sure your reports can be printed as straight text.


          At my last employer, our reports could not be easily printed to text, even using the Generic/Text printer driver.  I was saddened not to be able to use/introduce Monarch at that company.


          Anyhow.... Welcome to the wonderful world of Data Mining with Monarch, you're gonna love it. There are lots of great people on this board and no question is "too simple" not to be asked. We have newbies as well as veteran users and all are willing to help out in anyway they can.  Trust me, even the veteran users, learn new tricks!

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            Darren _

            Hi Bonnie. I agree with Nick on two points here. make sure that your software that you intend to "Data Mine" with Monarch can dump your reports to a text file easily. Hopefully that is the case with you and your company.


            The other point was even seasoned veterans like Nick learn something new every day with Monarch!


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              bonnie_first _

              well,,, Monarch was used by a previous employee who quit on the company abruptly and we have now inherited his responsibilites of running sales reports.  right now it is very cumbersome because we are just using excel to add numbers,, i am actually going to my first training aug 17 & 18 in las vegas,, so after i put the software to use i am sure to have a "million" questions,, thanks for respoding.

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                michaeljul _

                So, you have Monarch in the company already - you dont have to wait for the seminar to get started - hopefully you are able to find the manual that came with the software - that has some easy to follow tutorials that will take you thru the basics - personally I have been a Monarch user for over 7 years, and only last month did I take my first seminar (where I learned a lot, but its certainly possible to get started without it). And as Nick mentions, there is always good help to get from this forum