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    Monarch Filter Problem

    Nicholas _


            I have a two reports that are in column format that I am trying to capture and separate.  I decided to capture all the similar information, and apply a filter in the table.  The problem is that I am unfamiliar with the filter process and HELP is not helping.  I have a column titled "Charge and Detail" with the respected charge($ numerical value) in another column to the right.  What I am trying to do is to eliminate one or the other, which is the DETAIL and CHARGE descriptions in the "Charge and Detail" column.  How should I begin this filter calculation?  I have Monarch 7.0. Thanks

        • Monarch Filter Problem
          Grant Perkins



          If I read you description correctly you have a single column in which you may have either a 'Charge' or a 'Detail'. I presume that the words 'charge' and 'detail' are not used but some other description which indicate an association to a Charge or a Detail is used.


          Do you have a way to tell whether what appears in the field is a Charge or a Detail? If so, how does that work?


          Can you provide some examples?




          • Monarch Filter Problem
            Nicholas _


                  The case is that I have a "Charge and Detail Charge" Column.  The column to the right of this is the actual dollar ammount.  If I only need to condition on the "Charge" description and not the "detail charge" description, how do I set up the filter.  Thanks

            • Monarch Filter Problem
              Grant Perkins

              Here's how I understand it so far.


              You have a "Charge and Detail Charge" column which contians the values






              "Detail Charge"


              TO the RIGHT is another column with a value.


              The model picks both columns as fields meaning you end up with a field that contains the text "Charge" or "Detail Charge".


              If that is the case then there are a number of ways you could consider defining the filter but the easiest might be:




              The internal help file has filter usage examples for many of the Functions in the section entitled FUNCTION REFERENCE and you might find a few ways there from which you can pick the one that feels most comfortable. Have a look at the TRIM related functions as well - they can be particularly useful with unruly fields when using the LEFT() function and similar.