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    Address Trap picking up escription line....sometimes

    Bill Tilghman

      The Issue is that on some of the address have 3 to 6 lines and the trap is very erratic on picking up that top description.


      looks like this..

      the top line should not be picked up. 


      ACCOUNT   PRIOR DATA          


      NFS/FMTC ROLLOVER IRA         

      FBO LARRY W DAY               

      1837 N PASS AVE               

      BURBANK                CA 91505


      Next page.. .perfect     JH1438650                       

      VALERIE B LARSEN TTEE           


      NEEDS TR, U/A 5/1/03            

      531 SOUTH 1800 EAST             

      SPANISH FORK           UT 84660

        • Address Trap picking up escription line....sometimes
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Bill,


          If it was my problem I think I would be looking to trap on the JH line, paint a field for that line and make it a multi-line field which ends when it finds a space (or something depending on the format of the report). Then in the table window highlight that column and click on the envelope icon and use the Address Block Wizard  to tell Monarch how the data in the field might look and which parts of the field you need as address lines.


          You should then get the results you need with blank fields where the address does not have lines to fill them.


          Unless you can engineer a space line between the unwanted line and the JH line if an address is less then 6 lines the Postal Trap is not going to work as you want it to. That means you would have to consider some secondary conditional processing to decide whether the value in field one should be what is there or what is in field 2 (or maybe 3). I guess it could be done but I don't think there would be any benefit over using the Address Block functionality.






          • Address Trap picking up escription line....sometimes
            Bill Tilghman

            Thanks I'll try that now.

            I think I did this before, but so long ago that I forget the solution.  Duh!