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    Copying Calculated Fields

    Joe Berry

      Is there a way to copy calculated fields from one model to another?  I have a project that I am revising to get data from a different format than the original model.  The original model contains many complex calculated fields that I will use in the new model.  It would be really nice to be able to paste lines from the original model file to the new model file or export them to the new model file.  Using Windows XP Pro SP2; Monarch Pro 8.02.  Any help will be appreciated.

        • Copying Calculated Fields
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          If you are familiar with manipulating XML, you can use an XML editor and copy/paste the relative formulas from one xmod to another. Or you can open the model in one instance of Monarch and the new model in another instance and copy/paste between the two, however if there are a lot of formulas this will be time consuming over directly accessing the XML.


          If others have come up with alternative methods, I'd be interested in hearing about them too!

          • Copying Calculated Fields
            Grant Perkins

            If the major part of the complexity of your model is related to the calculated fields you could use the original model with the new format ( I assume it is a text file rather than a database when I suggest this) and then alter the templates to suit. That may be less work than creating a new model and adding the fields. Use a copy of the model file of course.


            The traps and samples can be adjusted on screen and the fields and positions adjusted using the Field List which would then retain the original field names for you.


            Otherwise cut and paste as Nick suggested. If the xml edit route works try that as well, it's not something I have attempted.


            I don't suppose there is any chance you had version 7 and the WorkStore utility is there? If you did there may be other possibilities.