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    Model help

    William Schanks

      I have data like this picuture:


      [url="http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2006-2/1147195/SampleData.JPG"]Sample Data[/url]


      Is there a way to get a model to pull in each acct number?

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          Nick Osdale-Popa

          What version of Monarch are you using?


          This looks like a prime example for using the Multiple Column format.  However, I've not had much experience with using the MCF, so I'm sure Grant or Data Kruncher could provide further assistance. However, I think the MCF will put each acct number in it's own row. If you need to put them all in the same row, you'd probably need to set up a Summary and use the Acct field as a "Display Values Across" item.


          Alternately, you could set up those fields as a Memo Field, but since it looks like there could be multiple accounts, it would be difficult to split out to multiple columns unless you knew there was a top limit to the number of accounts to which you would need to make that many calculated fields.


          Just my 2c worth.


          I've made a rough copy of the report to use here:

          [font="courier"]TYM75338      ACCOUNTS FROM SPREADSHEET:    1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890

                                                      1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890  /font[/quote]

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            William Schanks

            I do need the data in a single column. So the MCR is working for me.


            However MCR has a limit of 40 columns, so I am having to manually put a line break after 40 columns, then I'll see what I get in Monarch.


            I guess I didn't think of MCR, as I hardly have occasion to use it.


            Thank goodness for MetaPad, can't imagine doing this in Notepad.

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              Grant Perkins



              I am surprised that a 'standard' report seems to want to output more than 40 columns. I always felt that would be enough of an increase from the 15 in V7.


              How many columns does the report have? Presumably they fit within the 4000 character line width?


              Here are some ideas, in no particular order.


              Can you pre-process the file to reformat it and change the spaces in the columns block to carriage returns orr whatever to give the result you need?


              You could use Monarch to do that to some extent by making the detail you account number lines and everything else above them on the page a page header. Select the entire line for the detail (not separate fields) and get one large array to export. Then run the CR for space swap.




              See if the PREP utility could be used to split the lines up (or something similar many editors may have useful tricks for that.) Also consider what MSRP might be able to do for you.


              Re-read the newly generated array in Monarch and process 40 columns at a time. Export the results to a common file and sort them as the final step. You wil need 2 or more versions of the model - same model but a different lateral starting point for the columns.




              Process as it is setting each MCR column to cover 2 or more report columns as a single field. Lets say 3 physical columns for each virtual MCR column. Export the result to a text file. Now import it to Monarch again using a new '3 column' model (or whatever number of columns are required) and complete the split from that new starting point.



              There are a few more ideas of a similar theme floating around in my head but I'll wait to see what you think of these before expanding them if they are needed.